Technomedica Factory

The bandage production factory, Technomedica Llc., a member of the commercial and industrial corporation Medpack Swiss Group, pays special attention on the quality of its goods.

The factory, under the MedTextile® trademark, specializes in the manufacturing of medical goods for support, rehabilitation, and comfort, including: cervical collars, posture supports, sacro lumbar supports, post-surgical supports, abdominal binders, hernia supports, upper and lower extremity supports, maternity supports, elastic bandages, and much more.

MedTextile`s brand portfolio includes in-demand bandages as well as bandages with special purposes. Its current line of bandages is constantly being tested and improved based on the recommendations of leading experts. Our production is based on most recent studies performed by leading experts in the fields of orthopedics, traumatology, gynecology, physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

Cyclical turnaround is integrated into the process flowsheet, including all stages from drafting and raw materials manufacturing to the output of the finished products.

Technomedica’s garment section is equipped with innovative automatic knitting machinery from a well-known Swiss company JAKOB MÜLLER A.G., a source of pride for any garment manufacturer. At Technomedica, uncompromising quality is its primary goal; thus, all of its departments are equipped with the latest technology from the world’s most highly-regarded companies.

The machinery for production is serviced by experienced staff that are trained at the MÜLLER center in Frick, Switzerland.

Technomedica’s high production capacity is due to its wide range of special and universal machines. Because of this equipment, the factory has its own high quality raw materials and it does not depend on suppliers of elastic, belt ribbon, lacing and edging material.

All materials used in production go through a three-stage quality control process, and have corresponding certificates. Production quality is inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process. 100% of the finished products go through a final stage of quality control according to the pre-production samples. Products are only packed when their quality has been guaranteed.

Technomedica implements the Quality Management System and conforms to international standard protocols ISO 9001:2008, and Certification ISO 13485:2003.

The manufacturing process is further certified with the European and Ukrainian standards – specifically, Conformite Europeene (CE), certificate of conformity of UkrSEPRO, etc.

According to the requirements of the production process, quality control is carried out in three stages: first, an inspection test, second, a walkthrough, and finally, control test as defined by the international certificate of Quality Austria.

Every year, Technomedica Llc. takes part in major trade shows in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and has corresponding certificates and diplomas.

The main advantages of Technomedica factory are its good location, high standards of quality, modern high-tech equipment, a wide selection of products, and an adjusted system of distribution.

Because of Technomedica’s modern equipment, up-to-date materials, and advanced technology, we can consistently guarantee the high quality of the goods.

Technomedica’s comprehensive approach to process management, stringent three-stage control, attractive packaging, and competitive prices makes it competitive in the medical equipment sector.

Technomedica Factory

Technomedica Factory



ISO 9001:2008

ISO 13485:2003