Abdominal Binder (Art. # 4042)

Art. # 4042

Indications for use: Early mobilization after operations on abdomen, including caesarean section. Prevention of ventral postoperative hernias (muscle weakness, large incisions etc). To prevent incarceration of postoperative reducible hernia. Prevention of epigastrocele. Prevention of umbilical hernia. Postpartum abdominal support after normal labor. Splanchnoptosis, nephroptosis (as a supporting bandage). Stages III-IV of obesity (for abdomen lifting and silhouette improvement for aesthetic purpose). Rehabilitation after anterior abdominal wall liposuction. After plastic surgeries.




The bandage ensures slight degree of fixation and effective support for anterior abdominal wall. It favors formation of accurate postoperative scar due to defensive and unloading effect on connective tissue and muscles of anterior abdominal wall. Fastener system prevents bandage twisting, mashing and displacement. Comfortable velcro fasteners help to reliably support anterior abdominal wall.


  • Simulates body contours well and is imperceptible under the clothes
  • Breathable light bandage material provides maximum comfort
  1. Plastic inserts Plastic inserts
  2. Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric) Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Waist circumference, сm 60-80 81-100 101-120 ±1,0 сm



Color :         beige  beige


Helpful tips:

It is obligatory to consult your doctor before use. Size of the bandage is chosen according to the waist circumference measurements as shown in the table. It is recommended to put the brace on while lying supine on a hard or semihard surface. 
The bandage regimen and duration of wearing are recommended on an individual basis by a medical doctor.