Cervical Сollar With Trachea Opening

Аrt. #1017

Indications for use: Fractures, disclocations, incomplete dislocations of cervical vertebrae; early-stage rehabilitation after surgery on the cervical spine and injuries of cervical vertebrae; evacuation by transportation when cervical spine injuries are suspected; cervical radiculopathy; moderate and severe cervical spine instability complicated by neurological manifestations; osteochondropathies, cervical abnormalities, changes in the structure of vertebrae of different nature; status after surgery on cervical structures requiring continuous monitoring of the post-operative field; tracheostomes; rehabilitation treatment after cranial-spinal and cranial-cerebral injuries.


  • Design of the product allows to wear the bandage without additional traumatization of the neck even in the lying position of your body
  • The bandage is made of light-weight nontoxic hypo-allergenic and hygienic material
  • Opening in the area of trachea allows carrying out the medicinal and diagnostic manipulations on the front surface of the neck without removing the bandage
  • The material does not prevent the radiological methods of examination
  • Ease of use allows taking a bath or shower without removing the product



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Neck circumference, сm 25-30 31-38 39-46 ±1,0 сm


Child Reclinator Posture Support

Color:    beige  beige

Helpful tips:

Required collar size is chosen based on the neck circumference shown in the chart above. Apply the collar to the neck in such a way that the chin is in the appropriate notch and tighten Velcro closure at the back. The doctor shall define individual treatment and terms of usage.