Child Soft Fixation Cervical Collar

Art. #1002

Indications for use: Myogenic torticollis. Cervical muscle tone dysfunction. Cervical spine support in debilitated and premature infants. Birth trauma. Maintaining neck posture after massage or other treatment procedures. Scoliosis of the upper thoracic spine. Kyphosis of the thoracic spine (to maintain a correct posture).



Pediatric cervical spine bandage for moderate fixation is manufactured as a flat hypoallergenic polyurethane medium-density band. Velcro fasteners fix it on the neck.

  1. Fomed polyurethane Fomed polyurethane
  2. Viscose Viscose



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Neck height, cm 4 5 ±1,0 сm
 Neck circumference, cm 20-26


Child Reclinator Posture Support

Color:    beige  beige

Helpful tips:

Pediatric cervical spine bandage is exclusively used by physician prescription. Timing of wearing depends on the disease severity and general condition of the patient.
The middle part of a bandage is placed under the chin; the neck is enfolded with the bandage which is fastened behind after adjusting its length to the neck circumference.
Size of a bandage is chosen according to the neck height as shown in the table. Neck height is a vertical distance from the jaw angle (or from the chin if head posture is neutral) to the clavicle.