Maternity Pantyhose (Art. # 1611)

Art. # 1611

Indications for use: Fine material. Reinforces the weaving of toe and heel. Excellent graduated compression supports.




  • Fine material and available in closed toe, providing optimum comfort and satisfaction for pregnant women
  • Fitted and soft gusset comfortably supports the lumbar and abdominal regions
  • High-grade microfiber provides comfortable touching and moisture regulation to the skin
  • Fiber contains excellent characteristic of absorbing perspiration, which is 3 times faster in drying speed than natural fiber and 5 times than cotton
  • Fashion, sheer, soft and efficiency are assembled in it
  • Graduated therapeutic support for tired, aching legs and venous disease


Compression class:


  • Ccl.I     (Light)
  • Ccl.II    (Medium)
  • Ccl.III   (Strong)






Features of graduated compression


Medtextile medical compression stocking provides pressure to the veins with 100% pressure at ankle area. Compression lessens gradually when it comes to calf(70%) and thigh(40%) region. The characteristic of graduated pressure on the hosiery advances all veins to be compressed in a normal and healthy way.


Features of graduated compression


Maternity Pantyhose      Colour :         beige  beige