Travel Socks (Art. # 1617)

Art. # 1617

Indications for use: Reduces the risk of DVT during long distance travel. Leg fatigue, pain and muscle weakness. Mild varicosity. Spider veins. Post-surgical wear.




  • Suitable to wear for travelling or sitting long period.
  • Graduated compression provides improving of blood circulation.
  • Special knitting on heel and toe keeps durable.
  • Unisex design for men and women to wear.


Compression class:


  • Ccl.I     (Light)
  • Ccl.II    (Medium)






Features of graduated compression


Features of graduated compression


Medtextile medical compression socks provide pressure to the veins with 100% pressure at ankle area. Compression lessens gradually when it comes to calf(70%) region. The characteristic of graduated pressure on the hosiery advances all veins to be compressed in a normal and healthy way.


Travel SOCKS      Colour :         black  black