Medical Elastic Bandage with Medium Tensility 80mm


Indications for use: for prevention and curing of traumas and diseases of upper and lower extremities: varicose, chronic venous inflammation before and after surgery, prevents rise of trombophlebitis of superficial vein and curing traumas and diseases of joints (arthritis, arthrosis, ligamentous laxity), unloading of damaged joint. The bandages fixes, heats, decreases hypostatis, stops inflammqtion. Defends against traumas during sports exercises, hard phisical work, prolonged static load.




  • Firm bandage fabric retains essential tensility and provides excellent compression even after prolonged use and frequentative washing
  • High cotton contents provides comfort during use
  • Can be furnished with metal or combined clips for fixation
  1. Latex thread Latex thread
  2. Polyester (polyether) Polyester (polyether)
  3. Cotton thread Cotton thread