Wrist Harness (Аrt. # 1301)

Аrt. # 1301

Indications for use: Fixation of the upper extremities. Psychomotor agitation. During operations. Prevention of patient unsanctioned motion activity in intensive care units.




Wrist fixing straps for immobilization are manufactured from breathable soft material in the form of strips with addition of Velcro fasteners and strong non-stretching strops for hands fixation to surgical beds.


  • Soft material prevents from compression of peripheral nerves and blood vessels
  • Wrist fixing straps fit to any types of beds
  • Adjustible wrist fixing straps allow quick regulation of motion range and, if necessary, maximal reliable fixation
  • Length of strops allows a wide range of patient movements
  • Fits for both left or right arm
  1. Polyester (polyether) Polyester (polyether)
  2. Normaflex (triple breathable fabric) Normaflex (triple breathable fabric)



DescriptionSizesMax deviation
Wrist Circumference, cm 14-27 ±1,0 cm



Colour :         beige  beige

Helpful tips:

Usage of wrist fixing straps should be approved and controlled by medical staff. Soft part of a strap is wrapped around the wrist and fixed with Velcro fasteners. Strops are tied up to a surgical bed, limiting the range of upper extremity movements.