Ankle Support Adjustable (Art. # 7010)

Art. # 7010

Indications for use: Pain affecting the ankle joint caused by trauma or injury and different ankle disorders. Limited range of motion caused by trauma or injury and ligamentous laxity of the ankle joint. Chronic traumatic and postoperative tendon inflammation. Late rehabilitation after ankle joint operation including region of the heel. Prevention of ankle ligamentous laxity and Inflammatory disorders at all levels of sport and physical activities.




Ankle joint retainer is breathable neoprene (aeroprene). The bandage style creates dynamic compression with no limitation of motion. System of the crossing straps ensures lateral stability of the ankle joint. The retainer keeps body warmth and improves blood circulation.


  • Breathable neoprene (aeroprene) features unique property to keep warmth not interfering with skin functions (protection, thermoregulation etc)
  • Separable design makes it easy to put the bandage onto the ankle joint
  • Velcro fasteners help to adjust strength of the joint fixation
  • Fits for left or right leg
  1. Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene) Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Ankle-joint circumference, сm 16-31 ±1,0 сm



Colour :         black  black


Helpful tips:

It is obligatory to consult your doctor before use. Size of the bandage is chosen according to the ankle circumference measurements as shown in the Table. It is recommended to put the bandage on in the sitting position when your foot is at 90 degrees to your leg. The bandage regimen and duration of wearing are recommended on an individual basis by a medical doctor.