Adjustable Ankle Support (Art. # 7028)

Art. # 7028

Indications for use: Partial injury of ankle joint ligaments. Ankle joint inflammatory diseases. Ankle joint injuries. Prevention from ankle joint injuries in event of excessive physical and sport activities.




Fixing and compressive effects, which are provided by ankle joint bandage, favour fast healing of affected ligaments and prevent from repeated joint traumatizing.


  • The bandage is manufactured of aeroprene, a material with marked warming effect
  • Figure-of-eight band provides stabilizing of joint and minimizing lateral motion
  • Aeroprene is heightened durable and causes no allergic reactions
  • Fits for left or right leg
  1. Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene) Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
 Ankle-joint circumference, сm 16-31 ±1,0 сm



Colour :         beige  beige   black  black


Helpful tips:

Before use please consult with your doctor. The required size of the tie is chosen for the circumference of the ankle bones, under the table. The doctor shall define individual treatment and terms of usage.