Ankle Support Light Fixation (Art. # 7034)

Art. # 7034

Indications for use: provides delicate fixation and compression of the talocrural joint. Use the cure traumas of the joint, arthrosis, arthritis, sprain of ligaments, at rehabilitation stage after plaster dressing removal. Also can be used to prevent habitual dislocation or traumas during sport exercises.




  • Provides delicate fixation and compression to the talocrural joint
  • Anatomical shape with open heel is more comfortable for everyday use
  • Breathable elastic fabric provides more comfort during use
  • Fit either left or right ankle 
  1. Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric) Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric)



DescriptionSizesMax deviation
circumference, сm
21-26 27-32 33-38 ±1,0 cm



Colour :         beige  beige   black  black


Helpful tips:

Required support is chosen based on the ankle circumference measured under the bone shown in the chart above