Hallux Valgus Night Support (Art. # 7702)

Art. # 7702

Indications for use: Conservative and postoperative treatment of hallus valgus and bunion. Prevention of possible arthrosis. Fixation of hallus for initial stage of hallus valgus and after operations for hallus valgus. It is recommended to use with partitions in the interdigital spaces.




The bandage is used for pain relief and correction of the hallus abduction. The bandage can be used prophylactically and after surgery. Regular usage of the bandage corrects position of the hallus and stops the hallus shifting ectad. Inflexible rib ensures good fixation and keeps the hallus in the right position even while standing and walking.


  • Fixes right position of the hallus
  • Reduces size and rate of the deformity development
  • The anatomically shaped bandage fits well for everyday usage
  • Breathable material ensures maximal comfort
  • Fits for left or right leg
  1. Metallic ribs Metallic ribs
  2. Normaflex (triple breathable fabric) Normaflex (triple breathable fabric)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Shoes size 35-40 41-46 ±0,5



Colour :         beige  beige


Helpful tips:

It is obligatory to consult your doctor before use. 
Size of the bandage is chosen by the shoe size in accordance with the Table.
Angle of the hallus abduction should be increased gradually.
The bandage regimen and duration of wearing are recommended on an individual basis by a medical doctor.