Knee Immobilizer With Ribs And Intensive Fixation (The Tutor) (Art. # 6112)

Art. # 6112

Indications for use: The knee tutor provides rigid fixation of the joint with takeover of lower third of the hip and upper third of the shank, this excludes ability to move the knee. Is used at arthrosis, with arthritis presentations, including rheumatoid and podagric, prophylaxis of patalogic placing of the lower extremity during moderate valgus or varus shank angulation. Is used as a splint during transport immobilization, when present plaster allergy, traumas of capsular and ligamentous system of the knee-joint with different degree of difficulty, undisplaced fractures of shin-bone intercondylar eminence, moderate expressed instability of knee-joint, including paralytic origin.




  • Can be used to ensure complete immobilization of the knee joint after traumas and surgeries
  • Shorten time of plaster cast use, provides early beginning of rehabilitation period
  • Three metallic stiffeners surely fix the knee-joint
  • Belts with Velcro fasteners ensure tight abutment to the patient’s leg
  • Soft inner layer provides comfort during usage internal volume. Can be regulated
  • Fits for both left or right leg
  1. Metallic ribs Metallic ribs
  2. Normaflex (triple breathable fabric) Normaflex (triple breathable fabric)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Product height, сm 40 50 60 ±1,0 сm
Knee circumference, сm 28-45 34-57



Color :         beige  beige


Helpful tips:

Before use please consult with your doctor. 
Required support is chosen based on the ankle circumference measured under the bone shown in the chart above. Individual treatment and terms are determined by the physician.