Post-operative Knee Support (With Hinge) (Art. # 6303)

Art. # 6303

Indications for use: Knee joint injuries. Sprains and crucial ligaments of knee joint. Knee joint pains (patellafemoral pain syndrome). Inflammatory and degenerative diseases (arthritis, synovitis, periarticular edemas and arthtosis), if warm effect is not contraindicated. Chronic, postoperative and posttraumatic tenontitis. Patella diseases (chondromalacia patellae). Rehabilitation after knee joint traumas and operations. Knee joint traumas and inflammations prevention in event of physical activity. Patella (rotula) traumas prevention during sports activities and physical labour.




The bandage is manufactured of aeroprene, a kind of fabric with pronounced warming effect and is enhanced with two metallic splints with polycentric hinges. The hole above the patella bounds motion and defends patella. Additional tightenings with fasteners provides fixation on the leg in the correct position. Orthosis allows to reduce the duration of plaster-cast wearing.


  • Split design lightens orthosis putting on in event of joint edema and over band dressings
  • It provides quick access to knee joint, allowing to bandage and to perform another medical procedures
  • It is optimal for great difference of leg circumference above and below the knee
  • It is comfortable for putting on for overweight people who have concomitant back pains
  • Anatomic cutout of the orthosis ensures better fit and combination of axis of motion
  • Fits for left or right leg
  1. Hinge (2 Axlеs) Hinge (2 Axlеs)
  2. Neoprene Neoprene



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Knee circumference, сm 34-42 43-50 ±1,0 сm



Color :         black  black


Helpful tips:

The reinforced knee joint bandage regiment and duration of its use are recommended by a medical doctor. Before putting the bandage on, you should unfasten all Velcro fasteners and slack the straps. Extremity position while wearing should conform with flexion angle of the stiffening ribs. Patella must be exactly in the hole which appears in the process of fastening. Having fastened all the straps, it is recommended to check out if the position of the bandage on the leg is correct.