Acicular Masseur


Indications for use: Masseur applies to the painful body parts, pushing thereon by hands (within pain tolerance) for 40-60 seconds. Massage procedure repeats till pain disappearance. For better impact, during massage, it is necessary to make active movements, which relaxes muscles. Masseurs can be worn for a long time pressing it with elastic bandage or by tower. Masseur segments sewn to the textiles apart of 6-8mm. By needles which affecting at the Zakharyin-Ged zones (those zones at the skin, which images state of internals), cerebral and internals circulation, reduce pain that comes from tired muscles of sentral nervous system.




  • Notalgias, arthalgias
  • Legs tumors and scelagias
  • Cephalalgia, sleep disruption
  • Physical fatigue


Colour:        grey