Roller Masseur


Indications for use: It will help with cellulite, in the presence of myalgia, arthralgia and back pain. Masseur uses for anticellulite massage, full body massage, in the presence of arthralgia, myalgia, chine. Thanks to “roller” masseur the massage began pleasant and available domiciliary! After massage normalize functioning of cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. The masseur helps to strengthen muscles, mitigate fatigue.




Using masseur you can make these types of massage:

  • Anticelullite massager rollers intensive massaging problem body zones, improve blood circulation in fatty tissues thereby consumes depot fats. It is necessary to make massage every other day, during 20 minutes. You can see the successful result in two weeks of masseur using
  • Full body massage promote full relaxation, de-stress and improving functioning of different systems and organs. Full body massage recommended in the presence of: physical therapy, curing variety diseases, high physical activity and mental load. Thanks to full body massage intensify body metabolic processes, consumes fat and excrete, improve skin functions


Colour:        green