Posture Brace With Stays

Art. # 2035

Indications for use: Posture brace helps to limit volume of motions in lumbar and pectoral area of spine, ensures correct posture forming, abates pain in upper and lower spine parts. Prevents slouch and restores phisiologically correct position of shoulder girdle.


  • Is recommended to use during back pains caused by radiculitis, osteochondrosis, slipped and protruded disks, spinal curvatures, traumas
  • Two removable metallic stiffeners provide reliable support to pectoral and lumbar areas of spine
  • Wide straps smoothly distribute pressure onto shoulders
  • Additional straps ensure required level of loins compression
  • Breathable light fabrics of the bandage ensures maximal comfort during use
  • Is recommended to get on the support while you are lying on the back


Recommended duration of the support bearing:
– Begin from 2 hours per a day, gradually increasing to 4 hours a day without a break or up to 6 hours a day with 2 hours breaks
– Individual treatment and terms are determined by the physician

  1. Metallic ribs Metallic ribs
  2. Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric) Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric)
  3. Normaflex (triple breathable fabric) Normaflex (triple breathable fabric)




Max deviation

Chest circumference on the scapulas level, cm 64-89 90-116 117-130 ±1,0 сm


Child Reclinator Posture Support

Color:    beige  beige

Helpful tips:

Before use please consult with your doctor. Required support size is chosen based on the waist circumference shown in the chart above. Support is recommended to wear directly on underwear. Please apply while you are lying on the back on the flat rough or semi-rough surface. Individual treatment and terms are determined by the physician.