Posture Brace With Stays (Hard Fixation)

Art. # 2015

Indications for use: Thoracic spine curvatures (kyphosis, stage I-II of scoliosis). Osteochondropathies, Calve`s and Scheuermann–Mau’s disease. Prevention of slumping shoulders for those who have sedentary jobs. Rehabilitation after thoracic and lumbar spine traumas. To enhance effects of massage and/or manual therapy. Prevention of pathological fractures in cases of osteoporosis, tumors and tuberculosis.



Posture corrector improves postural disturbances gradually, creating static and dynamic stereotypes of the correct posture during childhood and adolescence. The mechanisms combine horizontal and vertical reclination as a result of the pulling action of non-stretching shoulder slings.
It moves apart clavicles and brings together scapulas thanks to  non-stretching shoulder slings and built-in stays located along the spine in the projection of the vertebrae transverse processes.

  • The peculiar feature of reinforced posture corrector design is elastic strap which additionally provides balanced muscle tone of the body holding muscles. The strap allows fixing additionally and unloading the lumbar spine in case of disorders and pain in the back 
  • Posture corrector is manufactured from hypoallergenic materials
  1. Metallic ribs Metallic ribs
  2. Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric) Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric)
  3. Normaflex (triple breathable fabric) Normaflex (triple breathable fabric)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Waist circumference, cm 50-70 71-90 91-110 111-120 ±1,0 сm
 Stature, cm I (158-173);       II (174-188)


Child Reclinator Posture Support

Color:    beige  beige

Helpful tips:

It is obligatory to use posture corrector when you experience static loading (lessons, prolonged sitting at a table, working at a computer, etc.). During posture correction process model the built-in stays and regulate the length of loops of the reclinative part of the corrector to reach optimal results and to keep adequate traction..