Derotation Boot (Art. # 7040)

Art. # 7040

Indications for use: Fractures of femoral neck and trochanteric area. Rehabilitation after hip replacement. Lower extremities paresis and paralysis of different genesis. Rehabilitation after strokes and nerve focal lesions of lower extremities.




Ankle limiter for foot fixation in physiologically correct position. The orthosis `s design prevents from foot rotation. It is available with emollient pad, supporting straps system, Velcro fastener. The orthosis fits both right and left foot. Its textile elements can be washed, providing its hygienic use.


  • Light splint can be made in accordance to anatomic body peculiarities
  • Absolute split design makes putting the orthosis on easy
  • Lateral straps provide adjustment of foot flexion angle and ensure its correct position
  • Additional elastic bands fix the shank firmly and prevent from displacement when walking
  • Fits for left or right leg



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Shoes size 35-46 ±0,5



Color :         black  black


Helpful tips:

The orthosis regimen and duration of use should be determined by your medical doctor. Before taking the orthosis on, it is recommended to fit the product `s splint (to do this action you can use your healthy extremity). 
The stem should be fastened after putting your foot and shank into the orthosis. Then fix your shank additionally with the help of elastic bands.
The foot position and flexion angle is adjusted with the help of lateral straps when the orthosis is completely fastened.
 It is necessary to have breaks for 10-15 minutes every 3-4 hours.