Thigh Support Warming (Art. # 7226)

Art. # 7226

Indications for use: Hip muscles traumas (particularly spasms, sprains, ruptures). Repeated traumas prevention. Hip muscles injuries. Preventions from hip muscles traumas in event of high loads (for instance, sport activities). Prevention from repeated hip muscles traumas.




The warming hip bandage is manufactured of aeroprene – a kind of fabric which keeps warmth well and which does not smother skin functioning. It is designed for fixation and warming of hip muscle groups.


  • Splint design makes putting on easy and provides adjustment of the pressure on muscle groups
  • Upper side of the fabric is made as additional part - Velcro fastener which makes fastening easy
  • Partial aeroprene layer stacking also allows out of necessity to warm a certain hip part
  • Fits for left or right leg
  1. Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene) Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Leg circumference in the upper thigh, сm 42-68 ±1,0 сm



Color :         beige  beige    black  black


Helpful tips:

The bandage regimen and duration of use should be determined by your medical doctor. 
You can wear it during 8 hours per day. It is recommended to have breaks for 10-15 minutes in each 2-3 hours to prevent from skin irritation. 
The bandage is wrapped round the hip and fixed with Velcro fastener. Degree of pressure on the body and the bandage `s position should be determined on the basis of medical indications and patient `s subjective sensation.