Thigh Support (Hip Stabilizer) Elastic With Stay (Art. # 7227)

Art. # 7227

Indications for use: Medium- and late-term rehabilitation after reconstructive hip joint operations (endoprosthesis replacement, arthroplasty, etc.). Medium- and late-term rehabilitation after solitary (marginal direct, avulsion, incomplete) fractures of greater trochanter (in consultation with your doctor in charge). Impacted femoral neck fractures, including patients of a certain age. Degenerative-dystrophic changes in hip joint (simple femoral neck necrosis, cystic displacement, coxarthrosis, etc.). Arthropathia. Muscular-ligamentous apparatus injuries, set bone, including cases in sport activities.




The bandage is designed for fixation, stabilization and partial unloading of hip joint. In pelvic component of the bandage, depending on size, there are 2 flexible metallic parallel stiffening ribs, and also elastic buckle for pull adjustment in the area of pelvis.


  • Elastic strap and additional Velcro-fastened bands provide optimal fit on the body
  • Elastic stiffening ribs provide medium fixation of hip joint and limit the range of motion
  • Fits either for left or right leg
  1. Metallic ribs Metallic ribs
  2. Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric) Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric)



DescriptionSizesMax deviation
Hips circumference, cm 80-97 98-115 116-134 ±1,0 сm



Color :         beige  beige


Helpful tips:

The bandage regimen and duration of wearing should be determined by your medical doctor. 
You can wear it for 8 hours per day. First take on the pelvic part of the bandage. 
Having fixed it with the help of Velcro fasteners, stiffening ribs should be on the lateral hip surface, passing through greater trochanter. 
Then fasten the basis of femoral part. The latest step is band adjustment. 
Degree of pressure on the body and the product `s position should be determined on the basis of medical conditions and patient `s subjective sensation.