Elbow Brace (Art. # 8321)

Art. # 8321

Indications for use: Traumas, injuries, sprain of elbow joint ligaments. Prevention from development and exacerbation of inflammatory elbow joint diseases (arthritis, tendinitis, tendovaginitis). Pain syndrome by chronic degenerative elbow joint diseases (arthrosis and osteoarthrosis). Injuries prevention during sports activities, and job strain on the joint.




The bandage provides moderate fixation and compressive effect, reducing edema, managing pain sensations and improving blood circulation in soft tissues, adjoining to elbow joint.


  • Elbow joint bandage is manufactured by the product`s correct fit technology for people with different anatomic peculiarities of joint elbow
  • The lower part of forearm bandage is additionally fixed with Velcro-fastenered band. This peculiarity prevents from slipping down and provides additional massage effect on the upper third of the forearm
  • Aeroprene ensures practically perfect bandage fit in the area of shoulder girdle and the upper third of the shoulder, maximum unweighting the joint and fixing the shoulder. Aeroprene provides micro-massage effect which improves blood circulation and reduces elbow joint edema
  • Fits for both left or right arm
  1. Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene) Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
Elbow circumference, cm 21-24 24-27 27-30 30-33 33-36 ±1,0 сm



Colour :         beige  beige


Helpful tips:

Follow strictly your doctor’s recommendations regarding bandage use. It is put directly on the body as a sleeve.
Additional fixing band is wrapped round the forearm, and is clasped with Velcro fastener. Size of the bandage is chosen according to the elbow joint circumference.