Rom Elbow Brace (with Hinge) (Art. # 8402)

Art. # 8402

Indications for use: Incipient functional therapy in event of intra-articular fractures in elbow joint. Early and mid-range immobilization of elbow joint after endoprosthesis replacement. Conservative treatment of elbow joint luxations, epicondyles fracture of humeral distal part without displacement. Immobilization after elbow joint arthrolysis.




Elbow joint orthosis with motion range adjustment provides regulation of motion range in elbow joint with 10° step, joint fixation with opportunity to regulate step-by-step flexion and extension range in elbow joint.


  • Joint immobilization under the certain angle
  • Split design ensures easy putting on and off
  • Additional supporting straps provides comfortable wearing
  • Hinge design lightens the degree of flexion and extension adjustment
  • Cuffs are manufactured of the material with nice to the touch covering
  • Each hinge is available with soft textile pad for snug fit of the orthosis to the joint and for comfortable wearing 
  • Fits for both left or right arm
  1. Hinge (1 Axle) Hinge (1 Axle)
  2. Normaflex (triple breathable fabric) Normaflex (triple breathable fabric)



DimensionsSizesMax deviation
circumference, cm
21-27 27-33 ±1,0 сm



Colour :         black  black


Helpful tips:

For best therapeutic effect it is recommended to take the orthosis to pieces, unfastening the cuffs, metallic splints with hinges and fixing straps.


  • To fix the cuffs on the forearm and shoulder
  • To apply a splint on the cuffs so as the axis of motion in the hinges will coincide with the axis of motion in the joint
  • To fasten the orthosis on the arm with the help of fixing straps and Velcro fasteners
  • To set the flexion and  extension angle (or the angle of immobilization) on the hinge


Follow your doctor’s orders regarding orthosis use.