Wrist Splint (Art. # 8553)

Art. # 8553

Indications for use: Immobilization and pain syndrome relief after wrist joint traumas and operations, wrist ligament and tendon injuries, fissures and fractures in the lower third of the forearm. Traumatic peripheral nerves neuropathy (particularly, repetitive stress injury and styloiditis), radial nerve paralyses and paresis in event of injury of the CNS. Inflammations of wrist joint and neighboring soft tissues (arthritis, tendovaginitis, myositis). Rheumatic wrist joint diseases. Posttraumatic and postoperative flexion hand contractures prevention. Wrist joint traumas prevention (sprains, ligamentous ruptures, injuries, etc.) by loading the joint.




Wrist joint orthosis ensures absolute fixation of the wrist joint and forearm bones in the lower third. The orthosis design allows to hold carpal grasp capabilities and to provide incipient functional treatment (exercise therapy). Compressive effect and aeroprene warm retention effects improve blood circulation, help to reduce edema and hasten recovery. Limitation of motion relieves pain syndrome. Anatomically curved splint fixes the wrist joint in physiologically correct position.


  • The material is not allergenic and does not cause any skin reactions
  • The orthosis fits closely the joint, it is comfortable, hygienic, handy and easy-to-use
  • Detachable stiffening rib (splint) provides the product use at all stages of rehabilitation
  • Fits for both left or right arm
  1. Steel ribs Steel ribs
  2. Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene) Aeroprene (or breathable neoprene)



DescriptionSizesMax deviation
Wrist circumference, cm 14-19 20-27 ±1,0 cm



Colour :         beige  beige   black  black


Helpful tips:

If it is necessary you should previously take out and curve a metallic splint, adjusting it to personal peculiarities of hand structure, and also to undo strap-fixators.
Then put a cuff of the orthosis on the wrist joint so as the metallic splint would be on the palmar surface of hand and forearm.
Do up the strap-fixators. Fasten the orthosis in the area of wrist joint with detachable strap-fixator. The last one should bridge wrist slit.