Wrist Wrap Adjustable (Art. # 8514)

Art. # 8514

Indications for use: Pain affecting wrist caused by trauma or injury and different wrist joint disorders. Limited range of motion caused by trauma or injury and by ligamentous laxity of the wrist joint. Chronic tendon inflammation. Condition after trauma and/or operation. Professional hazardous exposures on the wrist (vibration, rotation, lifting of weights). Trauma prevention at all levels of sport and physical activities.




The bandage relieves pain due to compression and fixation of the damaged joint. Breathable elastic material of the bandage provides moderate fixation and stabilization of the wrist joint.  Velcro fasteners help to adjust joint compression and fixation.


  • Breathable material (aeroprene) keeps warmth not interfering with skin functions (protection, thermoregulation etc), improves blood circulation and ensures maximal comfort
  • Elastic loop provides additional comfort when putting on
  • Fits for both left or right arm
  1. Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric) Binding band (elastic air-permeable fabric)



DescriptionSizesMax deviation
Wrist Circumference, cm 14-27 ±1,0 cm



Colour :         black  black


Helpful tips:

It is obligatory to consult your doctor before use. Size of the bandage is chosen according to the wrist circumference measurements as shown in the Table. The bandage regimen and duration of wearing are recommended on an individual basis by a medical doctor.